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I am using your free download which identifies my digital designs and I love it. I have re organised all my files and it has simplified

everything. I have only been embroidering for 1 year and I am improving each time.

Mandie, USA


Em relação sobre o plugin do Embroidery Explorer, acho ele ótimo, pois no explorer do windows consigo ver todos os bordados

que tenho exceto algumas extenções, Obrigado por desenvolver essa excelente ferramenta. Estou usando o Explorador Plugin,

facilitou muito meu trabalho, pois posso visualizar os arquivos no cartão de memória, pois uso na maquina barudan e também

no Explorer do PC. Excelente produto.

Valdecir, Brasil


I think this product is great.. it solves a problem for me without fuss and allows me to view my files in many formats.

Betsy, USA


I have really enjoyed the plug-in, works very well.

Angela, USA


At this point I am THRILLED with your software. I can open a file and see all the embroidery files in the file without any

difficulty – thank you!!

Marie, USA

02/02/2018 I find that the Sierra Technology Embroidery Explorer Plugin is a good help and a well-functioning piece of software which helps me keeping order in my collection of embroidery files. Heino, Denmark 30/01/2018 I've been using the plugin for a couple weeks now and I love it. It's so frustrating opening files and guessing what people named their designs. It takes forever to find what you're looking for without this amazing plug in. Now if we could get a program to unzip our files and to catalog them into different folders of like items, now that would be wonderful but I understand something like that is difficult to write. Penney, USA 30/01/2018 The plug in is great does exactly what i need. Carol, South Africa 27/01/2018 I am happy to give a testimonial regarding Embroidery Explorer Plugin. I found out about Embroidery Explorer Plugin through a facebook embroidery group. I was able to find the site quickly through a google search and downloading the programme was a very simple process. The setup was child’s play and within minutes I was able to view my thousands of embroidery files using File Explorer in Windows 10, by simply changing my view setting to large or extra-large icons. The quality of the displayed image is wonderful. I can see all colours and even jump stitches. By hovering over the icon, I also get valuable information about dimensions, number of stitches and number of colours, in a pop-up box. Using EEP I was able to drag and drop my files into new folders, without having to use my PE Design software. Duplicates become easy to spot and remove, freeing up valuable disc space. I recommend EEP to anyone who is looking for a simple embroidery viewer. Jessica, United Kingdom 26/01/2018 When you are fairly new to embroidery, it is already a large investment outside of the machine, then to struggle with the software and figure out ""how"" to even view the files can be a daunting task in itself. Yes, I love the plugin as it fills so simple of a need, and even better as it's free. There are many out there that offer a similar plugin, but they do charge a premium for something so simple. Now I can view the files and see what it is at a glance without having to open up the file in an editor or viewer. How I heard about your plugin: Someone had posted a link to your software asking if anyone had heard of your company. I'm had not, but always willing to give something new a try. Was so glad I did, and am not disappointed. I recommend your software in all the embroidery groups that I am in on Facebook when someone is looking for something to do just this one simple thing. Chia, USA 27/12/2017 The additional information about individual embroidery designs it´s very good. The installation without problems. Heike, Germany 19/12/2017 I love your Embroidery Explorer Plugin! It has sew very much simplified looking for my files! I found about your software on a facebook page for Singer embroidery useres. Calna, Canada 14/11/2017 I found EEP by doing a Google Search. It has made life very easy being able to see the designs in Explorer. Helen, Australia 13/11/2017 Thank you for making a free software to view embroidery thumbnails. It was simple to install and use (although I have given advice to other users who were confused by the 're-launch windows explorer' message). Caroline, United Kingdom 13/11/2017 Thank you for providing the free thumbnailer software for the embroidery files. It works perfectly so I am very happy with it. So far, I am very happy with the software, it does what it says it will do so that is a win win in my opinion. Michelle, United Kingdom 13/11/2017 I absolutely love Embroidery Explorer Plugin, makes finding and viewing my pes files so much easier and quicker. Leaving me more time for doing the embroidery! Love it, thank you. I will certainly be recommended it to embroidery groups I'm involved in. Karen, United Kingdom 01/10/2017 The plugin is great! It makes the embroidery files searching very easy. Thank you very much for it. Bordados, Mexico 19/09/2017 Thank you so much for this product, it is fantastic and I am thrilled to be able to easily see the designs at a glance, it definitely speeds up the design selection and organisation process. Michelle, Australia


01/04/2019 I really love using your software EEP. Line, Canada Quebec 28/03/2019 I really enjoy your software embroidery software plugin, now is very easy manage my embroidery files, thank you. Ana, Florida USA 30/01/2019 Embroidery Explorer Plugin seems to show the embroidery files better in my Hatch Digitizer program. I usually have a problem to see the pictures in my files. Antionette , Texas USA 28/01/2019 Mi opinion sobre Embroidery Explorer Plugin es el siguiente: es un gran producto, facilita la visualizacion de los diseños sin tener ningun sotfware de bordados instalado, lo que representa mayor agilidad en la busqueda, ahorro de tiempo y lo mas genial de todo es que es compatible con windows 10.. esa es la mayor ventaja a mi modo de ver, ya que conseguir sotfware de bordados compatible con windows 10 es muy dificil. gracias por tener y dar este excellente producto de forma gratuita, y me entere de el, por internet. Hice una busqueda sobre programas de visualizacion de bordados y google arrojo la informacion y el enlace a su plugin. Juan Pablo, Colombia Bogota 24/01/2019 I find Embroidery Explorer Plugin is very useful as I can see my designs easily now in all the different places they can be. Otherwise it helps to be able to look at the designs as if they were pictures. Cecile , FRANCE 27/12/2018 I would like to thank you for the Embroidery Explorer Plugin! It is great. I actually have it open right now. It is so nice to be able to check out my designs. And something for free… what an idea! I hadn’t heard about it until I received your email. Thank you again. ? Julie , Michigan USA 27/12/2018 I like your Embroidery Explorer Plugin a lot. It allows me to see in my files my designs even on my lap top that I do not have my digitizing software installed on. A very useful program/plugin. Nancy, USA, IOWA 12/12/2018 Thank you for offering Embroidery Explorer Plugin for free! I am enjoying the software VERY much! It was extremely difficult for me to find the exact embroidery design I wanted. With your plugin, searching through and organizing thousands of embroidery files has been so easy! I can not thank you enough. Downloading the software was very easy as well. The most difficulty I had was realizing that I needed to change the icon size to large in order to view the file. I am sure if I had properly read the instructions, it would have been more clear. Donna, USA 11/12/2018 I am impressed with your Embroidery Explorer Plugin. It appears to perform well. Paul , NZ 05/12/2018 "I have been using Sierra Technology's Embroidery Explorer Plugin for some time now and it has speeded up our production process significantly. No more searching through folders opening up meaningless file names in our design software to check if we have the right file as you can see the thumbnail of the design straight away." Mark, UK 02/10/2018 I have found your Embroidery Explorer Plugin to be invaluable to enable me to search for designs; as often filenames are not sufficiently descriptive to identify a particular design – we have thousands of designs stored, so being able to visualise designs in Windows Explorer, without using other software, is a major advantage. I’ve had no problems using the software, it integrates seamlessly into Explorer. I would unhesitatingly recommend it to all users of machine embroidery software – it is an excellent utility. I actually found out about your software when searching for any utility that would enable me to see images of designs stored on my computer. Alan, UK 19/08/2018 I was very surprised that the Embroidery Explorer Plugin was available to me. I had been searching for such a program and found a few that wanted all sorts of moneys to have it included in the embroidery design software. This came free and the installation was easy. Works so well and not just for embroidery files but other graphic files. How can you work without an icon displaying the content of the file? Found it through a Google search. David , USA 18/08/2018 I digitize for my hobby my own designs and I'm also painting. I learned to digitize with SEU when it was free ( I have taken somme lessons) and after I took a suscription. I have talked to people around who wanted to learn digitizing. Now I'm using the Embroidery Explorer Plugin and it looks very good for my embroidery designs. Mimi, France 25/07/2018 I am using the Embroidery Explorer Plugin and I love it. I can search through my embroidery designs and see what designs I have without opening the files. This saves my lots of time when planning new projects. I am a member of a Facebook embroidery group and this software was recommended by several other members. I decided to check it out and I am glad I did. Karen, USA 25/07/2018 Once my OH got the new laptop to recognise icons(!) the Plugin worked brilliantly and I can easily see my embroidery design in Explorer. Toni, England 30/06/2018 I absolutely love the EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN. Being able to see the embroidery times as an actual image is so helpful. It saves time and assures that I download the correct design to my USB for transferring to my machine. Thank you. Patricia, USA 20/05/2018 I use and own Embird software and had already had the iconizer add on (it does the same thing as your product). However, I recently sold my older Janome 10001 and have been teaching the young lady who bought it how to use it. She wanted the ability to view the designs without having to invest in more software (other than what came with the machine originally) as she has limited income. Ergo, I went on a hunt on her behalf and found your tool. I believe I found it by using Google. After disabling my own program, I installed yours and played with it for a few hours. It worked seamlessly and easily and I knew it was something within her ability to install and use. Your system add-on is easy to install and use, but a great add-on for those who are only basic computer users. As far as I can tell, you guys did a great job subscribing to the KISS philosophy. Kudos to you! Jeanne, Canada 17/05/2018 EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN is an easy to use 'PLUG-IN', for Windows Explorer, that allows you to actually see the embroidery patterns you own as pictures, rather that generic names (which can have no relation to the actual design). This makes organising your own catalogue of designs, simpler and easier than ever before. Being able to see all of your designs, from different manufacturers (which use entirely different formats) also is a great boon. All-in-all, a easy to use plug-in, that integrates itself into another program, that everyone already uses, makes it simpler to install and use. I found this 'plug-in' after try to use other programs, to sort out my collection of embroidery designs, but the hassle in having to use a 'proprietry' program, to scan a fodler, and then show the designs, was rather cumbersome and time wasting. So I did a search of the internet, to see what was available to make things easier. This 'plug-in' was displayed as one of the results, and I was intrigued as to if it would work as easy as it said it would - guess what - it did! Now organising my designs is so much simpler than before. Neil, England 16/05/2018 Good morning from Oregon, I am very happy with the EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN. The plugin has made it extremely simple to view my files. A quick look and I can easily find exactly what I am looking for. I found a reference to the plugin on line but not sure exactly where but believe it was a recommendation from another user on one of the embroidery Facebook groups. Jean, Canada 16/05/2018 I use EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN all the time to look for the files. File management is important when using the computer. It has made my like easier. After I have downloaded a embroidery folder from the internet, the names that designers use are not realistic for the user and this program lets me view the file in windows explorer. I can then rename and save them in a folder for use later on.  Elaine, UK 29/04/2018 EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN is very easy to use, to organize my existing designs. Became easier to navigate. Galina, Russian Federation 25/04/2018 I found your EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN software through googling of how to view embroidery files (in my case .pes) in Windows Explorer. I downloaded it and loved it, it not only showed the picture of the file, but also the name of the file and the size and stitch count, etc. Absolutely wonderful. Heike, USA 23/04/2018 I have been using the EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN and have already recommended it to two other people. It was so easy to install and I love being able to see the preview of my embroidery designs as I browse through my files without having to load them to my embroidery software. I learned about the software from a Facebook group that I am in. The administrator recommended it. Cindy, USA 23/04/2018 I realy like EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN. It works perfect. I found it on internet. Jana, Czech Republic