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Find the most frequently asked question

This section includes information about the most frequently asked questions.

Are these the only free products you offer?

Yes, at this time. Some time ago we have published several software applications for free, including Planet Embroidery for the Web, Planet Embroidery Lettering for mobiles, Stitch Era Universal free edition, Visual Stitch & Print, etc. None of those products are available now as free aplications. Some of those applications are available as commercial products now, while others have been discontinued. At this time we offer EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN for free.

Can I use this software and distribute it too?

You can only use this software for your own use. Only authorized software dealers can distribute our software products (for free or charged products). You can install and use this application in as many computers as you want. If you want to distribute our software products, contact us through the appropiate form.

Does the software expire?

No, it doesn’t expire. You can use this application as long as you want. Take into account that this software has been designed to run under certain platforms or operating systems. This application may run or not on future operating systems (it will depend on those operating systems, among other things).

Why are the colors of some designs incorrectly assigned?

Some embroidery machine design files (stitch files) do not include information about the assigned colors, then Embroidery Explorer Plugin assigns the colors automatically according to an internal palette. As some embroidery file formats have changed from their first definition, it is possible that Embroidery Explorer Plugin doesn’t recognize some commands (including color changes) and the thumbnail or preview of some designs are far than accurate.

Which are the supported Embroidery File Formats?

Tajima (.dst) Barudan HD Toyota (.10*) Melco (.exp) Happy (.tap) Brother / Babylock / Bernina PEC (.pec) Brother / Babylock / Bernina PES (.pes) Brother (.phb), Brother (.phc) Elna/Janome (.sew) Janome / New Home (.jef) Singer (.xxx) Pfaff Industrial (.ksm) Pfaff (.pcd), Pfaff (.pcm), Pfaff (.pcs), Pfaff (.vp3)

Is this application free for existing customers only?

This application is free for all users, not only for customers of any Sierra Software product. Certainly it offers more specific features for customers of some of our software products.

Which are the supported Operating Systems?

Microsoft™ Windows 10 (32 bits, 64 bits) Microsoft™ Windows 8 (32 bits, 64 bits) Microsoft™ Windows 7 (32 bits, 64 bits) Users of Microsoft™ Windows 11 (64 bits): Please check this Important Note