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Advertiser Benefits

More effective than any other media!
If you are a supllier for this industry, all Stitch Era Universal users may may be interested on you! Each user will see your advertisement and become your new customer. More effective than magazines, more effective than a mail campaign!
More economical than other media!

Not only Stitch Era Universal offers the most effective way to reach potential customers;but it also offers the most competitive price. Compare prices with other options (even less effective) as magazines, exhibitions and mail campaigns. Publish in Stitch Era Universal and earn!
A new media, unlimited!

Except when compared to websites (which in theory is massive, but in practice it is as effective as a needle in a haystack), Stitch Era Universal may reach more customers than any other media. The exhibitions have a limited number of visitors, the magazine print is limited; Stitch Era Universal reaches an increasingly large community!
It s easy, do it yourself!

Choose the region of interest where you want to publish the advertisement, select the starting date and duration, load the advertisement and links to your web site and/or e-mail, and make the payment. that s it! Plan Do not delay, spaces are limited!

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