Product Overview

What is this software for?

Visual Stitch & Print will help embroiderers & screen-printers to prepare product presentations. Users may easily create samples of garment decoration with printing & embroidery designs. Visual Stitch & Print is the unique realistic simulation software working on 2D & 3D models.

Please check Visual Stitch & Print features on the corresponding section of this web page, and then download and try this software!

Is this software free?

This software is royalty free, but distribution is not. Once you get the software you are able to install it in as many computers as you want; but you cannot make copies to distribute (charged or not) to other users.

Anyway, you may recommend this software to other users, through the “tell a friend” link (but you should not give a copy to anyone).

Certainly, there is a license agreement covering the use of this software. Among other things, it is clear that no one is transferring copyrights or any other rights, rather than the use of this software normally on desktop computers. Other important point is that the software cannot be modified by any mean for any purpose by any reason, nor be used in conjunction or integrated with other applications. In addition, as it is royalty free software, support is limited.

Is this a time limited version?

There is no limitation on its functionality, nor is the software time limited. The software doesn't expire. The maker will try to keep it working and updated as necessary, but there is no warranty on that.

We would like to receive your opinion

We would like to receive as much feedback as possible from users (positive, negative, but ideas are the most important), in order to detect what the market is looking for and work on it.

Screenshots & Demos

Open and Display Embroidery Files (many machine formats)

Quality Embroidery Simulation on Fabrics

Quality Embroidery Simulation on Flat 2D (photo) Models

Quality Embroidery Simulation on True 3D (xyz plane) Models

Edit Thread Colors, Background Fabrics

Includes Borer and Applique Simulation

Open and Display Printing Files (images on several formats)

Save Simulation as Imagen... ready for internet

Save Moving Simulation as Video... ready for internet

Embroidery Job Quote (export to QB)

Print Data Sheet