Dec 14, 2012Changes on Stitch Era Universal project

Starting sometime in 2013, SEU will no longer be available for new installs, either from CD or download. We will put forward our best efforts to maintain active any current installs for another year. However, new installs will no longer be available, even for re-installing the software where it was previously working. It is possible that in the future we will offer again another free software product, although it may not have the majority of features currently present in SEU. We have seen the need to make this decision to concentrate our efforts on our commercial and professional products. We feel a certain level of pride with the accomplishments of the entire SEU project. We have offered the opportunity to many tens of thousands of embroidery decorators of all levels worldwide to start and progress in the creation of embroidery designs with a highly competitive, powerful, advanced tool at no cost. Many tens of thousands of decorators and enthusiasts have used SEU to create embroidery designs for themselves and for their embroidery business. Millions of embroidery designs have been created with software of unlimited distribution that has been available at no cost. While introducing our commercial products to embroiderers worldwide has always been one of the goals of the SEU project, a countless number of embroidery enthusiasts and professionals alike have given their first steps in the world of embroidery design creation, in no small part thanks to this software product, which we proudly and strongly believe represents an immensely valuable accomplishment for the better of the industry.

Jan 3, 2011New!!! DESIGN ERA version 11 software suite

As the creation of designs for different decoration activities has many common factors, we have created the best multi-purpose first-class software application compatible with many production methods.

If your activity is embroidery only, then STITCH ERA LIBERTY is the only product you may need.
If your embroidery machine supports sequin or chenille, just add those features to Stitch Era.
In case your activity is hotfix rhinestone motif making or stencil making, HOTFIX STONE ERA is your best choice.
If your activity is hotfix sequin motif making, then HOTFIX SEQUIN ERA is the right solution for you.
But if your business includes not only one activity but several (or if you are planning to expand your business to related activities), DESIGN ERA software suite features unique benefits for you.

If you are already user of Stitch Era previous version, you may... update it for FREE!