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As you may know, Sierra Technology Group has been developing royalty free software, which is
currently used by a huge number of users worldwide, and still growing.

Many users have chosen these products by their features (integration, ease, power), others
simply because of the price (free!). In both cases, users find that Stitch Era Universal has
everything they need, is much more than what they expected from a free software, and it is very
easy to use.

Accordingly, Stitch Era Universal has already a large number of loyal users, fans of the
products, using the application for their business and/or personal activity, and recommending the
use of this product to new users, who are added daily.

In order to offer this unique product, which is also improved continuously, Stitch Era Universal has
 advertising spaces hired by advertisers around the word. When each user is working with Stitch
Era Universal, the program displays the hired advertisements.

The advertisements are images & links to their advertisers. That way, advertisers are publishing
directly to their target market, their potential customers. Join us; you can be a powerfull

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